Be our agent

What to do with the knowledge when it cannot be utilised and reallocated at the right time resulting in disadvantage to our investors. If an individual has the potential and capability, then he/she don't have to search for alternatives, they create it. Hence, we provide our investors with a chance to create a leverage in their income, being our expert advisor consultant on the public platform and recreate a chance to allow us to represent, the benefits of our wide investment range.

FOR an Agent
Minimum Deposit : $15,000

Direct Referral Income : 2%

  • Direct 1000 members
  • 1% of total investment
  • Direct 2500 members
  • 2% of total investment
  • Direct 5000 members
  • 3% of total investment
  • Direct 10000 members
  • 4% of total investment
  • Direct 15000 members
  • 5% of total investment
Hold a franchise

A good potential leader can lead his companion to a great milestone of success. If a leader is good at creating opportunities, then why just be self-centred. Earn an extra profit by guiding a good investor in the right direction and hold their agency for you and even their benefits. For that, we introduce a franchise with a minimum investment and provide the complete office setup, with extra promotional materials for the betterment of understanding.

FOR Franchise
Minimum Deposit : $50,000 (cash / wallet)

Indirect referral Income : 5%

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